May 24, 2012

Pink John Deere Baby Quilt, Finished

After 4 months of hard work and many many needle pokes to the finger I have finished my baby quilt.  Just in time too, I'm full term this weekend and we're expecting her within a couple weeks.  Take a look and please leave a comment and tell me what you think.  Constructive criticism is often helpful.  Keep in mind it's not perfect, but it's actually the most perfect one I've made, it only has a couple minor mistakes.

The center stars are hand pieced with pink John Deere licensed fabric.  The borders were, believe it or not, the hardest part, tore them off several times and switched fabrics a couple times before I liked it.

Hand quilted with little tractors around the outer-most border, backing is John Deere flannel.

Now all I need is a sweet little baby girl to wrap up in it.


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