May 5, 2012

Curtains, Blankets, and a lil' Decorating

Is it seriously May already?  I cannot believe how fast time has flown.  Life has been so busy.  I finally finished my school work for the semester and the weather has been relatively nice.  The baby will be here in about 7 weeks!  I can't believe how little time I have left.  It's sparked a sort of motivation inside me to hurry and finish a few projects before she's born.

I just finished these receiving blankets for a friend's baby this morning, they've been on my table for about 3 1/2 months now.  Double-sided flannel with a simple blanket stitch around the edges.  My blanket stitch skills are in need of improvement. 

Two nights ago I had my husband help me finish this bookshelf I made last spring.  I painted the sides with a glossy white (it's washable now!) and he helped me drill the screws in so they don't poke out the sides anymore... that's always good right?  The last touch for this shelf will be to router some nice edges on it, but until I break down and buy a  router, I'm stuck.

Yesterday I finally got all the girls's toys moved into their own bedroom, so I could set up the nursery.  I at least have furniture set up so if she comes early (I can dream right?) she'll have a place to sleep and clothes to wear.  I need to get some decorations up on the walls, but honestly I don't have any yet!  Eek!  I have a few I plan on making, but haven't done it yet.  I don't even have the right color of vinyl for some wall art!
I did however, make some curtains for her room.  I've gone with a John Deere theme, so the curtains are pink, green, and brown.  They block out the light really well, which is nice, seems her window faces direct East and that morning sun is quite bright.

A couple weeks ago I painted my girls's bedroom, (white, boring I know.)  I spent a couple days after that putting up decorations and what-not to make it look cute.  It's my first room in my house that is officially FINISHED!

I hung their memory boards over their beds with a little bit of vinyl wall art underneath.  

We finally got them some nice beds, instead of just a frame and a mattress, and the beds look so cute with the quilts on them.  I love it.  (can't see it well, but the baby quilts their Grandmother made are hanging above their beds as well.)  Lemon bars:  and Pillow

Flower Garden:

I hung their hand print paintings above their closet, and their "watch me grow boards" are set against the wall to the right.   The small picture frames on the left.

I hung the "Walk Tall" board I made above the door and their temple pictures next to the door.
All their toys are under the beds in drawers or in the closet to keep the room uncluttered.

The baby quilt is almost pieced.  Hopefully I can finish the piecing this weekend.  Wish me Luck.

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