December 28, 2011

"Watch Me Grow" Boards

I've always loved the idea of tracking my children's heights through the years on the door jams to their rooms.  One tinesy winesy problem.  We move... A Lot.  Perks of a military life right?  Anyway I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity so I decided to make some charts I could take with me from house to house.

Their names are printed in vinyl at the bottom foot of the board.  Each board is 6' tall, 6" wide, and 1" thick.
My girls got to pick their paint colors (with supervision) and my husband helped me paint them last week.
Next day I cut my vinyl using my Silhouette and (the most tedious part was:) put each little line on one by one. (I suppose I could have spaced it out on the computer but I didn't want to waste four feet of vinyl for tiny little lines when I only needed about 9" total.)  Then I cut some decorations from colored vinyl and randomly laid them on.

Lastly, I pulled out their baby books tonight and marked their heights according to my records.  Starting at 6 months, about the time they "make the chart," and then each year after.  I plan on measuring them randomly throughout the year and for sure each birthday.

It was a fun and relatively easy project. My husband even suggested using a router to make the inch marks and then painting them black, (might do that with number 3, but I'm not starting over now!) so I suppose if you don't have a vinyl cutter that is an option, or use paint, or a wood burner, whatever works.  It's the memories that are important, right?


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