January 5, 2012

How to Make a Radiator Cover for a Diesel Truck Part 2

We finally finished the radiator cover for my husbands diesel.  Here's the finished pictures:

We bought some snap screws found at Cabela's in the Marine section.  My husband drilled into his truck grill, he only made 6 holes, however if you don't want to drill into your grill you can dream up a strap system to wrap around the grill.  

If you want to be able to open it part way on slightly warmer days you can place a backwards canvas snap in the center of each side (closer to the middle of the grill) and fold the canvas over, making a triangle opening, or use a zipper or velcro to hold it open.  My husband just takes it off on warmer days and it only takes a second to remove it or put it back on.

He's noticed a real difference in the way his truck runs in colder weather now that he has it, and it looks good.
Good luck.  If you make one of your own take some pictures and email me at livelearnandloveit.blogspot.com so I can see what you did!

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