January 22, 2012

Spring Quilt Pieced

Well I hope you have all enjoyed my excess of posts and crafts over the last 6 weeks.  However, and very sadly, my crafting days are coming to a slowdown yet again.  I have been on a wonderful 6 week winter vacation from school and I got SO much done.  Sadly school starts again tomorrow so don't expect too many posts from me over the course of the next 16 weeks, or even after that... seems I am expecting my 3rd baby in June, (only a couple weeks after schools out.) I imagine I won't have too much time for crafting for a while.  Do... look forward to the one project I am determined to get done before June, which will be a quilt for my baby.  (just waiting to find out whether to buy pink or blue fabric)

In the meantime here's a couple more projects I've finished I would like to show you.

My Springtime Quilt Pieced.... FINALLY (I want one for every season)

This quilt has more flaws than any other sewing project I've done.  Fortunately all the flaws are in white, you so have to get a little closer and inspect it.  There's at least 100 mess-ups.  What can I say? Diamonds are HARD!  I'm just happy that from a distance it's pretty.  But I definitely won't be entering this one in the country fair as I had hoped. 

No I didn't take pics of the flaws... why would I do that?

In all I love the colors, it will be a wall hanging once I get it quilted.


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