January 22, 2012

Ladybug Dress for my little Lady

My daughter is almost 4 and she's growing out of clothes faster than I can put them on her.  Her collection of clothes that fits her is meager compared to her sister who is wearing all her hand-me-downs.  Dresses in particular seems to be a problem, she fit in a whole handful of dresses two weeks ago and I put one on her last week and suddenly she had to suck in her gut to get it on and it looked so short!  Why do these kids have to grow so fast?!?

I got this crazy idea to make her a dress.  ( I don't really sew that well.  I quilt... BIG difference.)  But I found a 99cent pattern at Walmart and some fabric on sale at Joann's.  It actually turned out to be really easy and is probably the most perfect thing I've ever made.

I made it a size big, so hopefully it'll fit her longer than a couple months.

The hardest part was tying that stupid ribbon bow on the front.  Darn thing.  
Apparently  I am not made to tie bows.


Although I have many a project on my list of thing I want to do, it might be a while til you hear from me again. I'll do what I can, but don't expect much.
Thanks for staying tuned.


Heather Feather said...

This dress is adorable! Great job! It looks like she loves it too!

Susan said...

That is SO cute. I know just what you mean about almost 4 year olds growing way too fast.