December 10, 2011

Our New Author

We'd like to take a quick minute to introduce our readers to our new author, 

Kristie and I have known Mindy since high school, and if memory serves we were all on the year book staff together 9 years ago... (Wow! Ladies are we REALLY that old?!?)  
Mindy loves to craft and we are happy to welcome her aboard.  I think we're all excited to see what she's got up her sleeves.
On another note, those of you who are wondering if we're ever going to finish the redesign on our blog pages, I promise we'll get with it soon.  Personally, I'm trying to figure out what happened to the year.  The last thing I remember was my daughters birthday in May!
Here's hoping for a slightly calmer new year!  Yes?  Maybe?  Please?

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