December 3, 2011

A Christmas Door Hanging

I decided I wanted something new hanging on my front door this year, something different and fun.  I had this old stocking, the red and white fuzzy ones that cost a dollar at most stores and a little Christmas teddy bear that I can never manage to find a home for... after a quick trip to the dollar store I whipped this up yesterday.

It's fun.  I don't think I've ever seen a stocking door hanging before.  It was super easy to make.
I picked up a few foam blocks from the dollar store and stuffed them down inside.  I wrapped one of them in Christmas paper and grabbed a candy cane from my yearly collection.  

So to start, stick something heavy in the toe of the stocking, to keep it hanging straight.  (I used an old padlock we lost the combination for.)  Then stuff the stocking with foam blocks to make it look bulky.  Take your stuffed animal, candycane, and wrapped box and arrange them in the top of the stocking.  Hot glue, or use another method of tacking, to tack it all down so it doesn't blow away in the next storm.  
You may need to safety pin the white cuff to the stocking, mine kept sliding upward.

That's it, it cost me about $2 to make and it took less than 1/2 hour.


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