December 19, 2011

Frilly Apron

I FINALLY finished the frilly apron project I've been trying to get to for months now.
and the best part is: I Remembered To Take Pictures!
(so proud right now!)
I love the way it turned out, it's very cutesy (and is by FAR the frilliest thing I own.)
If you'd like to make a frilly apron, or a not frilly apron, the tutorial is below.

How To:

First Cut your basic apron shape.
For a half apron cut straight across at the corners.
 Next Cut 3" strips for your ruffles.
I used a fat quarter and it required 4 strips, sewn together.
Serge along one long end of the strips.
Next baste along the opposite long end of the fabric strip and push the fabric together to make ruffles.
Pin the ruffles along the rounded edge of your apron, right sides together.  Stitch down.

 Next make your neck strap by taking two 1 1/2 inch strips (wrong sides together) and placing an interfacing between them, serge edges.
I didn't have an interfacing, but wanted it to be stiff, so I used dryer sheets instead, it gave it the perfect stiffness and it's safe for the wash!
Measure as long as you want it, whatever is comfortable for you, and stitch it down.
Next make your ties, using 3/4" strips, the same way you made the neck strap.

Unpick just a small section of ruffle where you want your ties to sit and stitch back into place.

 Cut out two pockets, whatever shape you want.  Serge or hem along edges.
 Make a ruffle of 1" fabric the same way you did the ruffles earlier.  Stitch it down to the right side of the pocket.  I surged along the edges, just because I felt like it.
Pin them to your apron.  I just set my hand on the apron where it felt natural to have a pocket and marked it with pencil.
Stitch down, remember not to sew the top of the pocket!
Trim all the little threads and Enjoy.


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