August 6, 2011

Magnet Board

I to have been a little behind. :) Here are a couple of projects to make up for not posting anything for a little while.
I saw something similar to this a while back and decided to make it into a chore/note board. You will need:
1 old cookie sheet (I bought mine for $2 at DI)
scrapbook paper to cover it
modge podge
strong magnets
clear buttons (I got mine at the dollar store)
hot glue

Take your cookie sheet and turn it over to the back side (so not what i took a picture of :)
Make sure it it clean and then measure out your scrapbook paper on top so it covers the back. Then take the paper off and paint a layer of modge podge on the back. Then put the paper on and smooth it out. (I decided to use squares of paper instead of 1 solid piece)
After it is smoothed on, paint another layer of modge podge on the top.

After the modge podge is dry, loop some ribbon through the hole at the top of the pan. I tied mine off with a bow to hang on the wall.Next you will need to make the buttons. I took the pin part out of my buttons as well as the sample picture.
I put printed some pictures out off the computer and cut them out into the same shape as the sample picture and then input them into the buttons. Then I hot glued a really strong magnet onto the back of the button.
I forgot to take a picture of the pan with the buttons on it, but I'll let you imagine what it looks like :) You can use this board for pretty much anything. I am going to put a list of chores for each person in our family on mine board. It can be used as a note board, a picture holder or whatever you would like.


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Mindy said...

SO want to make one of these!!!! I'd love to see it put together as a chore chart! We're in dire need of a good chore chart around our house!