August 31, 2011

Magnet Dinner Menu

I have seen a bunch of people make these really simple reusable dinner menus. I thought the idea was really fun, but decided to add my own twist to it!
You will need: A picture frame (with glass or plexiglass or whatever is in it), at least 3 really strong magnets (I really like the neo-magnets), hot glue, and a computer to design your menu page.
First you will want to design your menu page. I did mine on the computer and then printed it out and put it in the frame. Then I hot glued 3 really strong magnets on the back.
And Volia! I have a dinner menu that will stay on my fridge and looks alot prettier than my crumpled up paper with my menu. :)

SIDE NOTE: This is the greatest super glue ever! I hated using super glue growing up because I always managed to get it on my fingers or something! This super glue takes a little longer to dry (15 seconds instead of -2 seconds) and you can also control how much is coming out! You squeeze the green handles on the side! It is amazing...and that is all :)

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