March 21, 2011

My Recipe Book

When I was younger I put up with a lot of ridicule for my, shall we call them, lack of cooking skills.  In recent years I've improved, much to the relief of my husband.  Several years ago my Mother-in-law gave me a homemade cookbook with all the recipes my husband grew up with.  I re-typed all the recipes and added in all the ones I'd collected over the years.  Now all my recipes can be found in one quick, easy, and convenient place.  I add to it every year and the family favorite recipes (totaling about 100) can be found right in front. 

Today I gave my book a fun cover.

Inside it's about as organized as I get...

All the new recipes I collect during the year go in the front pocket (unless it's a dessert, then it goes in the back)  Behind the plastic flap starts the "family favorite section"

All the other recipes have been categorized into 8 different sections.
Each paper is in a plastic sheet protector and is labeled at the top right hand such as this:
Appetizers and Side Dishes 1
This allows me to remove the pages when I need them and put them back where they go when I'm done.

Now that I have my fancy smancy Silhouette I plan on re-making these pages, haven't had time yet.

So far I'm 4 1/2 years into being a wife, and 3 years into being a mom and my cookbook is making pretty good progress...  There are roughly 85 pages and each page has an average of 5 recipes on it.  So I have roughly 425 recipes in my book.  Give or take.
Not bad.

I ♥ My Recipe Book
This thing's a lifesaver!


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Renate said...

What a great idea.. I have LOTS of pieces of paper floating around with recipes scribbled on them. I really need to take some time and type them out and organize them like you have!