March 15, 2011

A Very Simple Project

While we were in Utah my husband's Omi gave us a candle holder that my husband made for her a long time ago.  It's a very basic candle holder, yet the simpleness of it is what I love the most. When we got it it was very dusty and the bows around each candle where hideous! They were stiff and ....ugh.  Anyway I cleaned it off and I found some fabric scraps I had from the quilt that hangs in my living room.  I tied a pretty bow around each candle and put it on top of my new shelf. 

As I'm writing this post I have an inspiration!  I'm going to ask my husband to make me a spice rack, similar to the candle holder above.  I'm going to buy really small glass jars and fill them with my most used spices.  I'll use my awesome Silhouette to cut cute little labels for each jar.
ooh I'm excited now.


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Leda said...

So I've been 'following' you for a while now. When I saw this project I thought 'oh, that's just what my recent project needs' (post Fun Find) ...I was reading your post to my daughter and I said 'Oh, look, she went to Utah and has an Omi!" She asked what your name was...YOUR Omi is her husband Dan's, Omi!!! Small world! Emilee and I do a blog together. Check it out sometime!