December 23, 2010


My mom introduced me to these and I immediately fell in love! If you love chocolate then these are definately something you should try!

You will need:
A cake (I use chocolate because it is the best, but you can use any kind)
A tub of frosting (Again, I used chocolate because it is just the best)
2-3 bags of milk chocolate chips
2 teaspoons of oil
wax paper

Have you ever wanted to purposely destroy a cake? Well I have and that is another reason I love this recipe :)
Bake your cake as directed. Then let it cool for 20 minutes. Then crumble the cake :)
Put all the cake crumbles into a bowl and scoop in the whole tube of frosting.
And stir it
Then you can either roll it into balls or I tried cookie cutters this time and it worked great too!
Put them on a pan and put them in the freezer for 30 minutes. They don't need to be frozen solid, but they need to be hard enough to hold there shape while being dipped. Melt all the chocolate in the mircowave or on the stove top. Once it is melted add in the oil. This will make the chocolate a little smoother. Then drop in a few of the cake pieces at a time and cover with chocolate. I have found that if you use a slotted scooper (like the one in the top of this next picture) to scoop out your chocolates you can shake of the extra chocolate easier.
Once they are covered place them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and then put them in the refridgerator.
Once the chocolate dries, you have yummy chocolate treats! Enjoy!!!
You can decorate it with whatever you want too! I tried putting crushed candy canes on it and that was tasty too (I just forgot to take a picture)! :)

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Holli said...

I'm thinking this is a good treat for my kids to leave out for Santie Claus! Sandy would love to crumble cake!