December 2, 2010

Does your broom closet look like this?

I have a problem.....I seem to collect grocery bags and I never use them all. So I decided that I was tired of picking bags up off the floor that I was going to make something to hold a smaller amount.
All you need for this project is a dish towel, some elastic, a few inches of ribbon (or fabric), and a sewing machine.

Start by folding your towel in half the long way with the pretty side facing each other. Then sew a straight stitch down the side. I also did a zig zag stitch to make sure it wasn't going to fall apart.
Then fold over the botton to make a tube and sew around it. Put some elastic in side it and finish it off. Or you can just sew the elastic straight onto the existing hem. I did one of each... :) Then attach a ribbon or loop of fabric to hang it on.
And Volia! You have a neater looking broom closet and only a handful of grocery sacks instead of 100s..... :)    

Don't worry! I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I am still crafting! I am actually crafting like a crazy person trying to get Christmas and birthday presents finished. I have already spent 20 + hours on a Quietbook for my daughters 1st birthday. I only have 2 weeks left to finish it and I still have lots of hand sewing to do. I will post pictures when it is complete! Be excited! It is pretty cool, if I do say so myself! :) I have also made a super cute outfit for my daughter and niece for christmas, but I can't post it yet because it is a suprise! :) I will post it after christmas for all to see. I hope everyone is doing well! Happy Crafting!

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