December 20, 2010

My Quiet Book

I finally finished my daughter's quiet book. For this quiet book I looked through many patterns, pictures online, and already exisiting quiet books at stores, to find exactly what kinds of things I wanted in my book. Then I drew out what I wanted each page to look like on a piece of paper and started sewing.

If you want to make your own quiet book, you will need:
fabric (you will need to decide how big you want your pages to be and how many pages you want)
embriodery thread (lots of colors)
buttons, ribbon, odds and ends and
tons of velcro!

I used a 18in x 18in square of white fabric (I fold this in half and then folded it like a book) So I was making 4 pages on 1 piece of fabric.) I hand sewed alot of this and used the sewing machine for some parts as well. If you don't want to do as much hand sewing, you can always use hot glue and fabric paint. ***Please note that this project took me 50+ hours to make, so if you attempt to make one yourself make sure you give yourself plenty of time to finish it***

Here is what my quiet book looks like:

Front cover (R is the first letter of our last name) and the side is velcroed to hold it shut and it has a squishy handle to hold on to
Page 1- (all the letters are velcroed on and the yellow pocket has a magnetic closure on it so the letters can be stored in there.
Page 2- This is my fishing page. All the fish have a magnet in them and the string has a magnetic hook at the end. I used plastic on top of my blue felt so you can move the fish around in the plastic or you can take them out.
Page 3- This is the barn page. Inside the barn there are 3 finger puppets, a pig, a cow, and a horse.
Page 4 & 5- This is the colors page. All the crayons velcro on to a spot next to a picture in that color. The pocket has a button and can be used to store all the crayons.
Page 6 & 7- Teddy's Closet, the pocket has a zipper and all of teddy's clothes can be store in there. All the clothes velcro onto the bear.
Page 8- Shape page, all the shapes velcro off.
Page 9- Abacus page. Different amount of beads on each string
Page 10- Touch and Feel page, I used a little square of a bunch of fabric scraps that I had sitting around.
Page 11- Robot page, all his arms and legs are filled with elastic so they stretch!
Page 12- Because of copy right, I will not show you his face, but this is my favorite page, Peek-a-boo M-----. His hands are velrcoed together and open up so show his happy face!
Anyways, that is my version of a quiet book! Let me know what you think and if you try one yourself make sure to show me pictures! Happy Crafting!


Holli said...

That is SO Stink'n' Cute! I'm very impressed. I think I might make one now too!

Stephanie said...

LOVE this. Looks like it took a lot of effort and time - it turned out darling. I love that you have a blog! I am excited to see all of your ideas!