December 1, 2010

Last Weeks Dinner Poll

Last week ended a poll on the blog where I asked you pick one of my new recipes for me to make and post about.  The poll ended in a tie (sadly with only 1 vote each way).  Navajo Tacos and Lime Ginger Chicken.  Seems it ended it a tie I let my husband pick the one he wanted to try.  He's the one who has to eat it afterall!  I only do grocery shopping once every two weeks so at some point between now and the 15th of December I will post

Lime Ginger Chicken!

Make sure to vote on this weeks poll on the top left side of the screen!  Dinner choices are Mediterrenaen Chicken and Bacon-Onion Beef Brisket.  New Choices will appear every 2 weeks!

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