December 18, 2010

I have an Inspiration

3 years ago my husband and I were living in Seattle Washington.  Seattle is beautiful in so many ways, and if not for the rain I think I really would have liked it.  Well lately, I've got this CRAZY idea, to make a quilt inspired by every place we live during my husbands Coast Guard career.  I've been thinking a lot about Seattle and what I liked most about it that I could turn into inspiration.  My thoughts were these:

Snoqualmie Falls

The Ocean and the Skyline

Mount Rainier

But the one I settled on is this:

The Lighthouse at Alki Point

The lighthouse at Alki Point sits on the property of the U.S. Coast Guard Admiral and tours are usually conducted in groups by the Admirals Wife.  I suppose one of the perks of having a husband in the Coast Guard was an association with the Admiral.  My husband served at the Admirals dinner a couple of times and got to know the Admiral and his wife.  He got permission to bring me for a private tour of the lighthouse.  It was beautiful!

In order to make this quilt I will have to do a technique I hate.  Paper Piecing.  I hate Paper Piecing!  But I'm determined that this quilt will be one of the most beautiful quilts I've ever made.  It will most likely take me several months if not a whole year to complete, but It Will Be Amazing!


Alayna said...

I love to paper piece. I have some easy patterns i'll send you. Once you get the hang of it.. it can become addicting

Holli said...

Thanks. I've tried one paper piecing project thus far and it's sitting in pieces in my closet cause it and myself aren't friends right now.