December 4, 2010

Old Jean Quilt!

My husband can work through a pair of jeans faster than anyone I know!  Just this year alone he's handed me 6 pairs of jeans that have worn out.  Most of them I bought for him less than a year ago!  Most of the jean is still usable, however, when there's 6" tears around the pockets that's time to scrap them.  Those jeans, along with several of mine that didn't fit anymore after two kids and 1 pair of very dissappointing toddler jeans that ripped clean through after only 2 uses plus when my MIL heard that I was making a jean quilt she sent me 108 6" squares that she had cut years ago to make my husband a jean quilt, so between what I had and what she sent me I give you this:
(you'll have to ignore the chirstmas tree branches and all the baby toys... such is the life of a mommy.)

The center of the quilt is made from patchwork squares that made 42 10 1/2" squares.  I peieced those together and then I took the many squares my mother in law gave me to form the border.  This quilt is slightly bigger than a queen.  Which means once I stick the batting, and flannel backing on and stitch it with yarn, it will be a very warm winter quilt for my bed.

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