December 3, 2010

Christmas Stockings (SO Easy!)

My Mother-In-Law sent me a stocking pattern so I could make my kids stockings that are the same as mine and my husbands.  It was so easy to make, I had two stockings sewn in about an hour.  I love them.  ☺

 I started by cutting my pieces:

I used Flannel, it's stiff enough that it will hang well but still allows lots of room to fill it.
2 Stocking Shaped Pieces (1 on reverse side of fabric)
1 9"x3" rectangle
2 Cuffs (Should be twice the width of the top of the stocking)

Place 1 cuff on top of the other, Right Sides Together!  Stitch along one long side.
Press Seams down the center.  Fold the long ends in about 1/4" to 1/2" on each side and press to keep them in place.  (Make sure that they measure the same from seam to edge or the cuff won't line up right.)

Fold the cuff, wrong sides together along the stitched edge.  Press.  Fold in half so short ends are together and stitch the ends to make a loop.

Next I took my socks and I laid one ontop of the
other, Right Sides Together.  Pinned about 3" down from the top on each side.  Stitch from one pin all the way down and around to the other pin.
Take scissors and cut into the fabric 1/4" in the seam allowance.  Turn stocking right side out.
Pull top seam allowances out on each side and stitch.  It will look like the picture on the left when it's done.  The seams are sewn this way so you can't see the raw edge at the top of the stocking.  The "outter" seams will be hidden by the cuff.
 Next I sewed the loop.  I took the 9"x3" fabric and I folded the edge in about 1/4" and stitch on each side.  Then I folded that in half and stitched very closly to the edge to hold it together.
I foled it in half, lengthwise, and stitched the very bottom to make a loop.  (Don't skip this step.  I skipped it on the first stocking I made and forgot to fold it before I hooked it to the stocking!  I saftey pinned it for now, but I need to fix that.)
This is the hardest part.
Turn the stocking inside out, place the end of the loop on end of the stocking, top pointing downward.  Turn Cuff inside out and slide around the top of the stocking.  (Both Pressed Edges will be facing upward along with the end of the loop They need to line up with the top of the stocking.)
Stitch along the top of the stocking.
Press all seams to help it hang nicely.  

Decorate as desired, if desired.  And Hang!  Ta-Da!  All Done.

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